Wild West Weaving with Hosana Eilert in Silver City New Mexico. Hand woven Chimayo tapestries Hosana Eilert hand woven tapestries and natural dyes
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Hosana Eilert of Wild West Weaving
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Please enter the passionate world of all things hand- woven...

Are you looking for an authentic Hand-woven Chimayo wall hanging for your floor or wall? Natural hand-dyed yarns for your next project, a baby sweater? Extraodinary gifts, one of a kind delights your recipient will treasure? Or are you aching to learn to weave, or to spin or dye up a batch of your own newly spun yarn into a pot of natural cochineal dye?
And are you ready to meet one of the most delightful, intelligent and throughly passionate textile artist this side of the Gila?  Good, I thought so.

Hosana Eilert, owner of Wild West Weaving has been creating woven works of art for more than twenty years. She began her journey with an apprenticeship in Northern New Mexico with Chimayo weaving legends, Lisa and Irvine Lawrence Trujillo.  The hand-woven Chimayo wall hangings and Rio Grande styles which the Trujillo's weave and teach, has been evolving since the 1500s when the Spanish and Mexican cultures combined.  And as with all things evolving, so has Hosana’s designs with contemporary patterns now incorporated into her collected works. 

A hand weaver, a natural dye enthusiast and a teacher, Hosana Eilert's passion and goal is to spread the word of the importance of honoring such a time honored tradiional art and skill.  Weaving is not just about the past, Weaving is right now.

Please stay in touch with Wild West Weaving via monthly newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn.  And of course, Please visit the gallery the next time you visit the beautiful and Art Gallery filled Silver City, New Mexico.

Hope to see you there!

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Weaving in the Chimayo tradition since 1990
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