Wild West Weaving in the Chimayo tradition with original hand woven wall hangings by Hosana Eilert. About Hosana Eilert, Chimayo weaver
about Hosana Eilert
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Hosana Eilert at her Loom

About Hosana Eilert
  'I love the surprises and stories each weaving tells'
Hosana Fe Eilert, owner of Wild West Weaving in Silver City, New Mexico is a passionate hand weaver and natural dye expert and teacher.  Her gallery is filled with warmth and your eye is attracted to look around at the many pieces of her beautiful hand woven Chimayo wall hangings and hand dyed wool and woven pieces.

A native of New Mexico, she grew up in Northern New Mexico graduating from Los Alamos High School and then attending Eastern New Mexico University before marrying and starting a family.

Hosana then gained experience under the tutelage of Centinela Traditional Arts weavers Lisa and Irvine Lawrence Trujillo, a legend in Chimayo weaving and recipient of  the National Heritage Award from the National Endowment of the Arts in 2007.

Hosana Eilert works in wool on a 30~inch loom in the tradition of the Chimayo weavers.  Dyeing the wool using only natural dyes is one Hosana's favorite parts of her process.  Colors excite Hosana and she uses a range and depth of color that brings richness and variety to each piece.  Her time at the loom is one of discovery as each piece follows its own path.

Hosana's hand-woven Chimayo wall hangings and hand woven tapestries carry a southwest theme and color. She has displayed and sold her work in Chimayo as well as Silver City, New Mexico.  She does consignment work for both local clients and overseas buyers.  And she always weaves for pleasure.  If you are lucky enough to visit Hosana you will hear the passion of a true artist and leave with an enhanced view of the beautiful world of Chimayo hand weaving.

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Weaving in the Chimayo tradition since 1990
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